Bakhtiarynia, Babak


Rating Category Score (Higher is better)
Grading C
Quality C
Workload C
Accessibility B
Number of reviews: 2
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    • A fantastic professor who is genuinely passionate about his subject and will push you hard to think for yourself. A veritable fount of knowledge who always gives interesting and novel weekly readings and documentaries. Thanks!
      Workload: A+ Grading: A+ Quality: A+ Accessibility: A+ Date: February 3, 2018 Course: Autonomy, Self, and World
    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE whatever you do, do NOT take a class taught by Babak. He is nice guy in theory, but he is so detailed oriented and anal about everything that he grades to an impossible standard.
      Workload: F Grading: F Quality: F Accessibility: C Date: February 24, 2017 Course: Introduction to Philosophy

Courses Taught

Course Semester Taught Title
PHIL10100 - 02 Fall Semester 2017 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL12100 - 16 Fall Semester 2017 Intro to Philosophy Discussion
PHIL20238 - 01 Spring Semester 2017 Autonomy, Self, and World
PHIL10100 - 01 Fall Semester 2014 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL12100 - 12 Fall Semester 2014 Intro to Philosophy Discussion